The Economy

An introduction to how the economy works and why it is integral to everything to do with politics and your life This is the root to understanding how the capitalist world works. An explanation as to why a generic knowledge of the economy means you do not need to learn economical theories

The New World order – 1944

article to follow…. The Bretton Woods Conference 1944 – how the new world order was created at the end of the 2nd World War. The conference that decided the international monetary and financial order that prevailed for the next 25 years and why many consider them to be the halcyon days of capitalism.

The American Empire

Article to follow…. Empires and Power. A brief historical analysis of empires and how they exert their power and control. How did the great British empire maintain power and exert control over their dominions and how the worlds greatest empire, America, exert their control today

Socialism : The Basics

Article to follow…. A brief history of socialism in the UK. It’s ideology, origins and its development leading up to the modern day party that supports it – The Labour party. How socialism has changed throughout the last century. What it stands for and what it doesn’t.

Media Control

Article to follow…. How the media works. A brief introduction to modern media and how political and financial interests govern them. Is it really independent and is it sufficiently regulated. How does our modern media affect political discourse?  

Capitalism: The Basics

Article to follow…. An easy to understand summary of the history of capitalism and what are it’s component. How does the system work. From its origins to todays neoliberal ideology that was implemented by Reagan and Thatcher and how it still prevails today

Essential Economics. What everybody needs to know

Article to follow…. The importance of learning how the economy works without really having to learn economics although having a basic understanding of economic principles helps you with understanding its influence on political ideologies and governmental policies .. a brief historical summary of macro economic theories, their exponents and how they have influenced politics. How … Read more

Neoliberalism and Globalisation.

Article to follow…. What is neoliberalism and what does globalisation really mean. A brief history and synopsis of their meanings and effects. How they developed as ideological partners and why do many see them as the biggest threat to modern life.    

Free Trade deals are not free!

Article to follow…. How trade deals worked historically and how they work today. Why modern ‘free trade’ is nothing like ‘free trade’, but is more like good old fashioned protectionism for the rich developed nations of the world.

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