“an educated, healthy and confident nation is harder to govern,”

        This website is dedicated to improving peoples understanding of all things political.

This encompasses basic economics, political principles, historical and modern day political analysis.

It is only through educating ourselves in the mystical arenas of economics and politics, both past and present, that we, the general public, can knowledgably challenge our elected governors and ensure they are delivering the type of society that we can be proud to live in and be proud to pass onto future generations.

Political education empowers us and helps impose accountability to our governors.  That is how democracy is meant to work. Governments work for us and we need to ensure they are doing our bidding and not the other way around. We should always be checking they are doing their jobs, on our behalf, and as such that may make us ‘Harder to Govern’

Never forget, democratic rights were historically won as a collective and it is only with collective actions it can be maintained. We need to hold our governors to task to ensure they deliver upon their promises for a better society and this will only happen if we are politically aware and politically engaged. 

So, please enjoy searching through the sites blog posts and informational articles and we hope this helps you gain a better understanding of economical and political issues and encourages you to be more engaged with politics.

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